Apr 14, 2013

Huawei BM622i MAC Change Package Date 2010

This is another How-To change the MAC address of Huawei Echolife BM622i 4G WiMAX CPE broadband modem wireless router firmware date package 2010. This tricks is a different approach as the previous post to Huawei BM622i MAC Change Package Date 2011. Although this is being done also thru CLI via telnet or putty client with specific command.

The above is a snapshot of Huawei Echolife BM622i 4G WiMAX CPE broadband modem wireless router date package 2010 firmware from Globe Telecom Philippines one of 4G ISP Telcos in the country.

To begin with click the Start button of your Windows machine make sure you enable your telnet client from your Conrol Panel>Promgram and Features because on 32/64bit Windows7 this is disable by default, Windows XP don't have the issue about it. Putty is an alternative if you want to be handy.

On Search Programs and Files type telnet then press Enter

Or simply use putty

Telnet Command
Login: wimax
ATP>diag set macaddr 40:4D:8E:26:A1:7C

set Lan mac address success
Lan mac address updated 40:4D:8E:26:A1:7D
set Lan Mac address Sucess
Wan mac address updated 40:4D:8E:26:A1:7C

ATP>diag reboot
This must be the output of your telnet command line interface (cli) or putty screen.

The Huawei Echolife BM622i 4G WiMAX CPE broadband modem wireless router will then now reboot just wait for few seconds.

Open your fave browser on the address bar type login as admin account used any password generator with your MAC address you used in telnet cli as in my case I have used  40:4D:8E:26:A1:7C MAC address and yours might be differ.

Your WAN and LAN MAC addresses would  appear similar to the screenshot above, once you have login as admin you must be seeing this. To verify that everything will works, while logged in as admin account navigate the BM622i 4G WiMAX CPE interface on the left corner there is WiMAX Menu click Security Sub-menu we will confirm if the Profile Security Setting is in place such NAI, User ID and the User Password fail to do this even a valid MAC address will not let you connect to the ISP network.

If happen to you such as the screenshot above then you will be in trouble (this will keep on connecting only), as in my case I have used 40:4D:8E:26:A1:7C as my valid MAC address so will then input manually the NAI, User ID and the User Password just like the snapshot below.

Here the sample of NAI, User ID and User Password

NAI 404D8E26A17C@globelines.com.ph
User ID 2008t2EIHdNtQEMD

In my case once I set from telnet command line interface ATP>diag set macaddr 40:4D:8E:26:A1:7C it will automatically changed the NAI, User ID and the User Password.


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